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Toilet Pump

Can an object that we have never thought of including in a dance piece bring about interesting and versatile bodily responses?


Dancers are required to play with the unique characteristics of a toilet pump to experience a game-like process in which the body interacts with the toilet pump, searching for bodily, temporal and spatial changes, and eventually develop a personal style and body language in such interactions. 

The characteristics and functions of the toilet pump is transformed elements about the body, the space, the sound and the visual to be manifested on stage. The inter-relationships between dancers’ bodies and the toilet pumps appears in different spaces on stage, contrasting with each other.


The piece not only quests for visual aesthetics, but also aims to explore the relationships between daily objects and dancers’ bodies, thus organically develops a unique rhythm through this unusual interactivity. The bodily responses to toilet pumps subverts the meaning of an object in dance, and creates tension between people, challenging the perceptions and imaginations of the dancers and the audience alike. Audience will also see more possibilities of daily objects in dance art, which are unprecedentedly more meaningful.

Tour Dates


Ocean Dance Festival 2019

November 25,  2019


Istanbul Fringe Festival 2019

September 19 & 21,  2019

“supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region"



The 19th Hong Kong Dance Awards 

May 10,  2017

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